By Colton

What is the most dangerous weapon of the medieval times and what country did it come from?

During these weeks of research I have mostly worked on Daggers, Knives, Swords & Ranged weapons. Daggers and knives are not very effective from a distance unless you are good at aiming. Although up close a dagger or knife can be very effective if used properly but yet not as effective as a sword or a ranged weapon. Therefore daggers and knives are least dangerous out of swords and ranged weapons. Swords are built for combat and can be very effective up close but if far away swords will be a lot less effective or not effective at all. In my opinion swords are second least effective out of daggers, knives and ranged weapons. In my opinion, ranged weapons are the most effective and dangerous weapons of the medieval times. The first ranged weapon was the bow. The bow was created before chain-mail and when chain-mail was invented the bow was too weak to be effective against chain-mail so they invented the longbow which could tear through chain-mail because of the speed it travels at. Then came the crossbow, the crossbow in my opinion is the most dangerous weapon of the medieval times. The crossbow was invented in 678 BC. The reason I think the crossbow is the most dangerous weapon of the medieval times is because it shoots the fastest of all and can tear right through chain-mail. Although up close it is a lot more effective but it is hard to reload fast. The crossbow was thought to be invented in china but was really invented in Vietnam, however we don't now if the Vietnamese got the idea from another country.

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